West Des Monines Chamber of Commerce

  • UX/UI (interface design)
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • On demand
  • CRM, XRM & ERP for business

About the project

The project was to create a website for West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce – local community aimed at promotion and protection of business interests in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Mission of Chamber of Commerce is to create comfortable conditions for enterprise development as well as attracting tourists and young professionals. Chamber offers a wide range of events, educational workshops, speeches, and also opportunities for student career growth.



To create a website for displaying big amounts of information and assure automatic updates for all the pages when new content is coming.


Working Stages


The design color theme was renewed, the main accents are soft green and blue colors. Adding pictures on the website made it more dynamic. Meanwhile, the necessary seriousness is kept by a white background. The design was created for both web and mobile versions, which guarantees high quality on any type of device.

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The website is an informational resource integrated with CRM system ChamberMaster. All the data from this system automatically loads to the website, which is crucial for the sections requiring frequent updates. For instance, Calendar, List of current members and newbies are taken from ChamberMaster.

Signing in is conducted through the ChamberMaster form which is embedded into the website.

To calculate the price of the membership fee, we created a custom calculator. Users e-mails are saved in the MailChimp system.

Website is developed using CMS Wordpress and such techs as PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.


In the process of development the following features were completed:

  • Integration with third party service to update the content
  • Calculator
  • Section for adding advertising through admin panel
  • Easy to use search system
  • Integration with Mailchimp to collect e-mails


The development was carried out according to the latest standards:

  • Cross-browser adaptive, semantic layout (HTML5)
  • Usage of preprocessors
  • GIT, GULP, SVG sprites
  • Code review
  • QA, bugfix

The website is launched and is being filled with the content by the client.