• UX/UI (interface design)
  • Frontend
  • On demand

About the project

A two-page website for the shop providing services and equipment to enhance your two wheel adventures.



To design the logo and website that will make users visit
the site and thus increase sales.


Working Stages

logo creation

The main client’s requirement was to make a logo similar to the milestone.
We designed a vertical text logo with a small graphic element using Adobe Illustrator.

Design of the website

The main website accent is focused on
high-quality pictures. It’s not overwhelmed with the text as the purpose of the website is to connect the user with the shop
administrator through the contact form.
We used Figma to design it.


Development of the website

The site was created using CMS Wordpress and works well on both desktop and mobile devices because of the responsive markup.
The website is launched and is filling with content by the client.