• Frontend
  • Backend
  • Loyalty Systems
  • Php
  • Bitrix
  • CRM integration
  • Service Delivery Systems
  • Service industry

About the project

Easy soup is a healthy fast food chain.


About the customer

Easy soup is a healthy fast food chain. The company serves a variety of soups, juices and sandwiches. They had a landing page with chatbots using Telegram and Viber to receive orders for delivery and retail points in food courts.


Working stages


Easy Soup needed a solution to synchronize retailers’ points-of-sale system with online delivery accounts. The system had to include a website with an interactive design, food catalog, contact form, personal accounts, and connection with delivery.

The customer also wanted to implement a loyalty program where users could earn points for retail and online shop orders. The system had to feature the highest level of performance and scalability to collect, process, and display orders in real time. The existing solution was slow and could not satisfy the client’s growing needs.


The Appservice team built the site integrating the payment scheme. We implemented the loyalty program by connecting personal accounts with order history, thus unlocking the bonus point system. To improve data management, we added the R-keeper CRM system using PHP technology. This greatly improved the overall performance and provided a localized billing system.


The project was carried out according to the latest standards:

  • Industry: Service Industry
  • Methodology: Scrum
  • Engagement model: Time and material
  • Team: 1 full stack developer, 1 QA engineer, 1 designer, 1 project manager
  • Technologies: Bitrix, PHP, Vuejs


Partnering with Appservice, the client received a fully optimized website with personal accounts and a loyalty program. The company improved its delivery system and increased sales.

The loyalty program attracts new customers and allows them to collect points, which they can later use to purchase merchandise on the online store.