• UX/UI (interface design)
  • Frontend
  • On demand

About the project

The website is for Mynda Ohs, PhD who is a first responder psychologist and mental health provider. She helps fire fighters, police, and first responders deal with PTSD (post-tramautic stress disorder) is a speaker, writer, and author with her book being published in 2019.



To create a website promoting the book and services of supporting fire fighters and their families.


Working stages

Logo redesign

At the very beginning of the project, the existing logo was redesigned to look minimalistic and simple while keeping
the original idea.

Design development

Brand colors and pictures from Mynda’s collection used as accents across the website. The design is completed in a simple way to help users to find all the necessary info and sign up for the personal appointment.


Development of the website

The site was developed using WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
The website is launched and is filling with the content by client.