• UX/UI (interface design)
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • On demand

About the project

Renew Vitality is a network of health clinics in the United States offering hormone replacement therapy, recovery
and lifestyle programs for men with low testosterone level.



To update the website to encourage users to contact representatives of the clinics and book an appointment / buy a program.


Working stages

Website design and structure optimization

All the pages of the website were redesigned according to the corporate style, the website structure was optimized, and landing pages were added.

Website development

The website was developed using CMS Wordpress and such techs as PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

During the development process, all the requirements of SEO specialists were taken into account, required plugins were installed, and all the settings were made so that the updated website is ready for a successful promotion.

We offer users to pass an automated questionnaire that shows minimal recommendations. Based on the given answers, it offers to make an appointment if necessary.

Besides the treatment program description, the website contains a blog full of useful materials and answers to FAQ.


Filling with content and launch

All the information from the previous website was transferred to the new one and verified before launch.

The website is launched and is being filled with the content by the client.