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Step 1

Idea validation (CustDev)

Product creation always starts with an idea. The idea generally evolves from a hobby or professional activity. As the subject is well-known, the problem and solution are easy to identify.


Despite personal ambitions, it is extremely important to check the idea for market demand in the very beginning. The easiest way to do this is to interview potential customers. he following rules should be adhered to during that process:

divide the audience into product users and customers who pay for it. These roles are not always the same because of different motivations (e.g. corporate software will be actively used by employees but the decision to purchase it will be made by the CEO)

evaluate users’ interest

test a user-friendly business model

To collect the most in-depth and high-quality feedback, it is necessary to clearly define the product’s functionality and its main advantages.

At this stage, our team will help to:

  • define a basic set of functions
  • select users
  • represent goals and objectives for CustDev analysis
  • prepare CustDev questionnaire (forms for analytics collection, a system for automatic analysis)

As a result, consumers will evaluate the idea and a decision regarding development will be made.
The duration of this step is 2-8 weeks, depending on the size of the product.

Not only will we help implement the idea at each stage, but we will also form a cohesive team that will launch the product on time and support it throughout the life cycle. As a result, after 4 to 12 months of collaboration, the product will be launched and the idea will become a business.

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