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Prototyping & Design
Launch & Promotion
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Step 2

Prototyping & Design

After CustDev is conducted and the decision about the development is made, there’s a stage of SOW creation and basic product architecture prototyping.

Working with our team on the first stage means having functional requirements stated and basic prototype created by the beginning of the second stage. The matter is that we can create Technical Specification in accordance with the results of CustDev.

The importance of this step is as follows

an accurate and complete image of the product is formed, and the time and cost of the development are assessed

the development team is formed

These factors not only affect further development positively but also save the resources significantly. The philosophy of our team is to integrate the client with the development team, which allows developing a communication format for the most effective cooperation. The duration of the step is 3 – 6 weeks.

We will not only help in the implementation of the idea at each stage, but also form a cohesive team that will launch the product on time and support it throughout the life cycle. As a result, in 15 - 56 weeks of collaboration the product will be launched, and the idea will become a business.

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