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Step 3


We use the Scrum framework to develop products. It allows us to identify all the weaknesses and make the necessary changes in the early stages.
The development team together with client plans sprints – short stages (about 2 weeks) during which a certain block of work is performed. The breakdown of the project into sprints allows not only to evaluate the implementation period but also to track the overall result of each sprint.
The number of sprints is agreed with the client, and a certain amount of resources is allocated for each sprint. Thus it is possible to predict the development budget and control deviations.

How it works

For example, according to the results of decomposition of the project we figured out:

4 sprints

200 hours per sprint

20 USD / hour - dev rate

4 000 USD - sprint budget

16 000 USD - total project budget

At the end of each sprint, the team can evaluate deviations from the plan. If the sprint is completed by 90%, the project budget will increase by about 400 USD. If the sprint is completed by 110%, then the budget will reduce by 400 USD.

Thanks to this system, the client can predict any changes in the cost of the project for each sprint.

The duration of the step is 8 - 40 weeks.

We will not only help in the implementation of the idea at each stage, but also form a cohesive team that will launch the product on time and support it throughout the life cycle. As a result, in 15 - 56 weeks of collaboration the product will be launched, and the idea will become a business.

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