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Appservice delivers software products for customer relations management and workflow automation.
We design and build software solutions for your business needs, as well as implement ready-made ones (like the Salesforce or our own Upservice system).
We will efficiently deal with your business technology challenges and help you to improve service quality.

We can bring your ideas to life in the spheres of

  • Sales

    Convert more leads, close more deals, and analyze your entire business.
    Enable salespeople to quickly estimate and turn the leads into proposals, quotes, and then
    orders when a deal is signed.

  • Service

    Automate complex operations, assign tickets quicker, and
    never miss them. Improve the
    level of your customer service
    and place the answers
    into the FAQ section.

  • Marketing

    Track all your marketing
    activities in one place: create
    e-mails, social media
    campaigns, publish posts and

  • Processes

    Gather, analyze and share
    customer data across teams to
    understand their goals and
    where they are now. Show your
    clients that you value their
    success and always work to
    deliver more. Foster long term
    mutually beneficial
    relationships with your

  • Analytics

    Determine the company
    performance to reduce costs
    while increasing overall
    revenue. Track the problems to
    clarify, prioritize, and resolve
    conflicting issues. Compare your
    progress with your competitors
    to know where you stand.

  • Productivity

    Keep all your tasks in one
    easy-to-manage place. Think
    out your own system of
    ticket-management and get
    this done for you. Better project
    management experience means
    satisfied customers.

  • Onboarding

    Help new team members learn
    processes quickly and easily.
    Speed the process of sharing
    the knowledge up and let new
    employees spend more time on
    real work, not on asking

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