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Applications for booking and ordering services have changed our world and fundamentally restructured communication with customers. The ability to solve everyday needs with the use of a phone has formed an entire development industry.
Appservice’s competence in developing customer interaction software allows us to create a tailored solution for you.


  • CRM widgets
    CRM widgets

    Add new features, embed any custom application or third party service into your CRM, and create interface components that seamlessly connect to any data source.

  • Food Delivery
    Food Delivery

    Convert your traditional delivery business into a digital solution. Get user-friendly delivery management software to deliver faster and error-free.

  • Online Medicine
    Online Medicine

    Book appointments for your patients through the web or mobile app. Update status, send e-prescriptions, and send email or SMS notifications to all patients thanks to our custom software.

  • House Cleaning
    House Cleaning

    Manage your business with responsibilities like dispatching cleaners, scheduling jobs and getting new customers. Make online booking easy and reduce your daily scheduling using our software.

  • Flower Delivery
    Flower Delivery

    Simplify your flower delivery service with our easy-to-use ordering management system. Operate all aspects of online flower orders and our delivery business from a single dashboard.

  • Legal Services
    Legal Services

    Go with the best-in-class client intake, case management, and analytical tools. Automate your law practice and spend more time growing your business.

  • Beauty Salons
    Beauty Salons

    Save time with appointment reminders, manage employees online, attract more customers with loyalty programs and 24/7 available bookings, and analyze your success.

  • Moving Industry Services
    Moving Industry Services

    Manage all areas of your business, from monitoring sales leads to post-move follow-ups. Better connect the office with the field and scale your needs as business requirements change.

  • Maintenance Services
    Maintenance Services

    Schedule, dispatch, and manage work orders to close orders instantly. Manage your field service teams, send e-bills and accelerate revenue generation efficiently.

  • Fitness Tracking Software
    Fitness Tracking Software

    Give your clients the metrics to reach their long-term goals. They can view their heart rate, calories burned, and effort points on live leaderboards with your gym’s branding.

  • Taxi Service
    Taxi Service

    Digitalize your business to increase rides, save time, reduce costs, and grow revenue. Enable customers to book and track rides and provide feedback.

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