Sharing Economy

Sharing economy is a growing market that offers the society to share access to goods and services, by a community-based online platform.
Appservice offers software solutions for interaction between consumers, optimizing the costs between the parties. If you have an idea on how to make the world a better place using the sharing economy ideas, we will deliver a product for your needs, using our deep expertise.

Our solutions are designed for both p2p and B2B segments

  • Marketplaces for rent, lease, and exchange
    Marketplaces for rent, lease, and exchange

    From the bike to a dog, or wi-fi.
    We develop services that allow
    you to rent and lease various
    goods, as well as order services
    from real contractors

  • Car sharing, carpooling services
    Car sharing, carpooling services

    We create platforms that help
    you to share cars, as well as
    search for travel companions, to
    spend less money and reduce
    costs as well as environmental

  • IoT for sharing economy
    IoT for sharing economy

    We deliver software for your IoT
    tracking device, whether you
    are testing out a new concept,
    already managing devices or
    both. Appservice will help you
    to track location, ensure safety,
    and analyze use patterns.

  • Delivery of goods
    Delivery of goods

    We offer prototyping of the
    goods delivery platforms. Stop
    looking for a better and cheaper
    way of sending goods, deliver
    your package with people who
    travel the same way.

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