• UX/UI (interface design)
  • Frontend
  • On demand

About the project

BelVEB Bank promotes 3 types of cards for different categories of customers. The task was to showcase the key features of each card, compare them, and lead the user to the action – ordering a call or booking an appointment in the office to receive the card.



To create a one-page landing to promote travel-cards
of BelVEB.


Working stages

  • Development of prototypes
  • Design development
  • Markup
  • Testing and bugfix
  • Filling the website with the content
  • Launch


The design was completed using the
brand colors of the bank. However, the
colors are used as accents, and the general layout is in the light color scheme. Such a solution highlights the main product – custom-designed cards. There’s a promo section with the list of the key features available for customers
on the first screen.
The next section shows the cards visual
prototypes and their descriptions.
Users can compare the amount of
cash-back for each card using the
Partners section includes the information
about bonuses provided to the
The next block tells us about the
advantages available for everyone having
a travel-card.
In the bottom section users can order the